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Registered Massage Therapy at BAK™ Clinic

Our registered massage therapists are fully trained and experienced health practitioners offering a variety of different massage therapy techniques customized to treat each patient’s individual needs. Their goals are to optimize your health and to make you feel better! Our registered massage therapy services include deep tissue massage, sports massage, and relaxation massage

Both of our massage therapists specialize in Lotus Functional Integration Technique (LFIT)


  • The Lotus Touch Release techniques and processes have been developed over 22 years, specifically for professional and Olympic athletes and the injured public

  • Is an innovative technique created and developed by Grace Kim

  • Unique combination of techniques and processes from Western and Asian massage practices and is specific to the ENTIRE body

  • Increases range of motion, strength and rate of rehabilitation at a very efficient and fast rate

  • Concentrates on releasing fascia that surround muscle which is a major cause of injury and pain in athletes and injured public

  • Utilizes a series of pre and post tests and methodologies to discover issues in the body and resolves them quickly and effectively

  • It releases each layer of the body including the skin, fascia, muscles, tissues, joints and ligaments by using a variety of techniques, processes and methodologies from both Western and Asian massage styles

  • The basic root of the technique is to think of the body as a lotus flower, There are many layers to the flower as well as the body. The body work is done layer by layer encompassing all the superficial, mid and deep levels

  • The analogy of the flower is that when the lotus flower is developing, it begins in murky, muddy waters.

  • Once bloomed, the flower is perfect and very beautiful It can be painful and difficult to take in the beginning but once the technique has taken its course, the body can regain more range of motion and strength and feel better immediately


  • Reduce the amount of stress, myofascial restrictions, muscle tonicity and pain in the whole body

  • Increase range of motion in all joints, strength in major muscles of the body through muscle alignment and muscle memory

  • Speed up recovery from injuries and regaining the strength and ability efficiently and effectively Improve performance, flexibility, agility and stamina

  • Increase immune response, blood and lymph flow, slow heart rate and respiration and relaxation

  • Decrease the amount of injuries because of relaxed Fascia and proper muscle alignment and consistent and continuing treatments

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